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Our goals describe a picture of what the Newfound Lake Pathway might look like in 5, 10, or 20 years and will be met through a number of phases. By participating in this project, the communities of Newfound Lake will give their residents safer ways to exercise, recreate, and connect with their neighbors.  Bicycling and walking are important elements of an integrated, intermodal transportation system.  High and fluctuating fuel costs and concerns about our environment create further impetus for the Newfound Lake Pathway.

  • Goal I  Create a safe environment for bicyclists/pedestrians to travel around Newfound Lake that will link the entire community by a non-motorized means of transportation.
  • Goal II  Increase bicycling/running/walking as an environmentally sound and healthy lifestyle choice.
  • Goal III  Promote tourism, local commerce, and the recreational aspects of bicycling, running, and walking.
  • Goal IV  Develop a pathway that is not only safe and functional but provides an attractive setting around Newfound Lake.
  • Goal V  Enlist the support of the communities around Newfound Lake through education, public awareness sessions, media, fundraisers.

Newfound Lake with its natural beauty and rural character provides an almost ideal location for bicyclists and pedestrians.

The excessive rates of speed and heavy truck traffic on Route 3A are unsafe for all motorists.  Excessive rates of speed also create an environment that is unsafe and intimidating to pedestrians and cyclists.

Newfound Lake area lacks adequate safe routes to parks, stores, banks, post office and other key areas of the community.

A pathway connecting the east, north, west and south sides of Newfound Lake encompassing dedicated off road paths as well as shared roadways.


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