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Newfound Pathway Team

July 2011

 “Building a 17-mile multiuse pathway around Newfound Lake”

Important Dates to Mark!

 Newfound Pathway’s first Open House! Come learn about what we are doing, meet the team, have fun. 7 pm Monday, July 18, 2011, at the Newfound Grocery, Route 3A, Bridgewater.

  • WALK WITH US!   Thursday, July 21    9AM    2.5 or 5 Miles

Come join us for our inaugural walk along the future route of the Newfound pathway. We will meet at Idle-A-While store on Route 3A in Bridgewater (just north of the Inn at Newfound Lake, on the lake side) and will walk about 2.5 miles north to Merrill Road in Hebron. Bill Weir will give us a brief history of the store and neighborhood, then we'll discuss the history of the youth camps on the east side of the lake while we walk. Wear bright colors. There are a few sections of this walk with narrow shoulders for walking, and cars speeding by.... which is why we need this pathway! We'll drive you back to your cars if you prefer not to walk roundtrip.

Ride with Us!    Sunday, September 25th


Our 2nd annual ride around the lake is just a couple of months away. Details will be in our next newsletter. Save the date!


What have we been doing over the past month?

  • Meeting with the local summer camps
  • Planning a Bicycle Safety Rodeo the first week of August (stay tuned)
  • Planning a September bike ride around the lake – geared towards families and friends (an event, not a race!)
  • Working with the Hebron Police to fund a radar speed monitor. It will alert drivers to their speed on our roads.
  • We are looking for more pledges to fund the radar monitor.  Please contact us if you are willing to contribute towards the radar monitor.  Communities that are using these monitors report far better adherence to posted speed limits. This monitor will make our roads safer! Please consider supporting this cause.

Join Us
Newfound Pathway Team’s mission is to create a 17-mile pathway around Newfound Lake to encourage walking and cycling as a safe, healthy, and environmentally sound means of recreation and travel.

Please join the Newfound Pathway Team advocating for the health of our community by building a safe pathway for all to enjoy the natural beauty of Newfound Lake.

Questions or comments? Want to volunteer?

  • Reply to this email
  • Go to our website:
  • Email:
  • Write to Newfound Lake Pathway  162 South Mayhew Turnpike  Hebron, NH 03241
  • Call 603-744-1048  Fax 603-369-6501


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Newfound Pathways
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