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August 30, 2014   RUN YOUR BUNS OFF – Awards Newfound Pathway half of their profits for the Race and Event Day

A History of Newfound Lake by Ronald Collins. Books sold by NFP, profits will go to NFP

January 2014 Newfound Cycles LLC is now a business member of Newfound Pathways and will donate a portion of its profits from the sale of the Newfound Playlist to Newfound Pathways.

Newfound Playlist Book published, written by Nancy Lincoln of Alexandria, NH. Available on Amazon and in local stores.

March 2013 - Membership Established for Newfound Pathways.

November 2012 - Newfound Pathways organized as a NH Non-Profit.

November 2011 - $4,800 award from the HNHfoundation for a Walkable-Livable Workshop

August 2011 - $100,000 grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund

May 2011 - $1,000 grant from the New England Grassroots Environment Fund

October 2010 - awarded staff support from the United States Department of the Interior’s National Park Service Northeast Region’s Trails and Conservation Assistance Program.

November 17 2009 - $1,000 grant from the New England Grassroots Environment Fund

November 2 2009 - awarded technical assistance from the National Park Service Rivers and Trails Program

September 2009 - a $4,350 grant for a Conceptual Plan from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation



Newfound Pathways Announces
that it has organized under RSA 292 as a
New Hampshire non-profit corporation.


  • Newfound Pathways continues raising funds to complete its mission
  • It has started a membership drive to enlist members who share the goals as Newfound Pathways
  • Newfound Pathways can accept tax deductible donations as a means to build a pedestrian pathway around Newfound Lake and pathways in adjacent communities.

Memberships have been established
for Newfound Pathways

Click here to see what level of membership you would like to have. Membership fees are tax deductible.

The Riddle Family Trust Grants
Newfound Pathways its First Easement

The Riddle Family Trust on North Shore Road in Hebron is leading the way. They have granted Newfound Pathways the first easement in our quest to build safe pathways around the Newfound region.

The McLane family at Pasquaney Lodge grants Newfound Pathways an easement.

The McLane and Shiverick families of
“Pasquaney Lodge” have granted us a
right-of-way for a trail along Route 3A in Hebron

For more information on how you can become an easement or right of way donor please send an email to or call 603-744-1048.

To download a Right -of-Way form click here.


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Newfound Pathways
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