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History-of-Newfound-Cover.A History of Newfound Lake by Ronald Collins. Newfound Lake located in the towns of Bristol, Alexandria, Bridgewater and Hebron, New Hampshire has long been known for the purity of its water and the beauty of its watershed. It also has an interesting human history. This book gives a look at tens of thousands of years of lake history, and about ten thousand years of human history associated with the lake. This is not a history of the towns surrounding the lake.  Rather, a history of the lake itself and the activities, natural and human, that have occurred upon its water and shore. This 8X10, 131 page full-color book contains over 60 photographs, 19 maps and 9 data charts. You can buy this book through the Newfound Pathway for $25.00 by sending us an email and we will invoice you via PayPal and a portion of each sale goes to Newfound Pathways. O



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