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Jan Collins, Chairperson and Founder of Newfound Lake Pathway was born and raised in Florida and moved to New England as a young adult. The beauty of New England with all the water (lakes, ocean, and streams), mountains, seasons, culture, cities and landscapes captured her heart from the very first day. She worked in the Identification Department of the Polaroid Corporation where she designed drivers license and other identification. In the Quality Control Department, Jan was on the development team that designed and installed SAP as the management system for Polaroid and supported a European division after installation. Jan is an avid skier and former alpine ski instructor. Now retired, she enjoys “heaven on earth” here on Newfound Lake, while watching over children and grandchildren, and leading a very active life.

Beth Geever, co-founder, has enjoyed the Newfound lake area all of her life. Since early childhood she has commuted to school, appointments, and work by bicycle, and is an avid supporter of non-motorized transportation. During her 25 year career as a software engineer and engineering manager for high tech companies in Oregon she was a member of a company environmental team and participated in numerous environmental cleanup projects.

Dian West, Treasurer, was born and raised in New Jersey, but summered in Hebron for 20 years at her parents’ home on Newfound Lake. Dian and her late husband Ron built their dream home and became full-time Hebron residents many years ago. She holds a bachelor's degree in Art Education and taught school before moving to New Hampshire where she is currently working as a graphic designer. Dian is proud to have served two terms as the treasurer for the Town of Hebron.

Mavis Brittelli, Secretary, and David, her husband, found the Newfound Lake area the most unspoiled and beautiful area, so they purchased a 200+ acre farm in Hebron in 1991.  They have been summering here since 1972. Originally from Wisconsin, and living in PA, Delaware and Connecticut, Mavis has experiences in farming, chemical research with DuPont, and toxicology research with DuPont’s Haskell Labs. David was a research chemist with DuPont. They have been full time residents since 2010.  Mavis has been president and secretary of other nonprofits such as Friends of the Library, Food Pantry and Church.    They have a daughter named Ann.  Mavis retired in 1988 but has still worked as a consultant and technical writer.  Mavis and David are strong supporters of Audubon, Wildlife and other environmental groups and locally such organizations as NLRA, Mayhew and Circle Camps, Forest Society, and Historical organizations. Mavis is an active member of the Hebron Conservation Commission.      Her interests are gardening, hiking, cooking, bridge, photography, historic houses and much more.  

Nancy and Bill Dowey have owned a home in Bristol, near Newfound Lake, for 21 years. They retired here in December 2011. They enjoy traveling,  gardening,  hiking, skiing and all types of boating on Newfound Lake. Before retirement, Nancy worked with young children as an occupational therapist and administrator.  Bill was an engineer and traveled internationally.   They belong to Plymouth Area Regional Energy Initiative (PAREI) and Bill is on the energy committee for Bristol.  They look forward to the day when they can bike and walk around the lake and into Bristol with their children and grandchildren.

David Berton lives in New Hampton, NH and is an avid biker and runner .  He has lived in several places in the state and is familiar with other trails and pathways.  David  is our road safety liaison with the state, regional and local representatives.

Travis Austin was born and grew up in northeastern Vermont. Travis moved to New Hampshire to attend Plymouth State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology. Travis is currently the Chief of Police for the Town of Hebron. He is also a member of the Hebron Conservation Commission. In his free time he enjoys jogging, playing basketball and fishing.

Charlie and Lauren Therriault- have lived in Bristol NH since 2010 when they moved to the area for Lauren to work in the Newfound Area School District as a Speech and Language Pathologist and for Charlie to attend Graduate School at PSU. Charlie is now a Chemistry and Biology teacher in the Pittsfield School District. Charlie and Lauren enjoy hiking and running with their two dogs, and love to swim in the areas lakes and rivers. In the Winter they love to ski, snowshoe, and Charlie is working on hiking all 48 4,000 foot mountains in NH in the Winter. Lauren coaches the cross country team at the Newfound Memorial Middle School in the Fall. In the past, Charlie has designed and built a cross country ski trail in Maine, has interned for the New England Forestry Foundation doing conservation easement monitoring, and has volunteered to maintain trails in the lakes region.


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